This is the city of Moorcrest Hollow. It is an old Camarilla-ruled city with Judah von Rothgrindt of clan Tremere as its prince. The prince however seems to have disappered and the city need someone to step up and control its throne. Are you the future ruler of the city?

The City
Moorcrest Hollow is a rather large (fictional) city, located in Westchester County, New York, United States. The city has a population just above 1,100,000, which would probably make it the 10th biggest city by population in U.S.

The Prince
Judah von Rothgrindt of clan Tremere, have controlled the city by iron fist for the last 200 years. Most vampires in the area, including his own clan, would be more then happy to see him dead. As he suddenly have disapperad, this might be your chance...

The Primogen
The Primogen is the old council of the prince. In Moorcrest Hollow there are one council member of each of the 6 camarilla clans.

The Elders
The Prince and the Primogen is not the only powerful vampires in Moorcrest Hollow, these elders has one or two fingers in the great chess-like game of power as well.

The Sabbat
The city is already under surveillance from nearby Sabbat ruled cities, and several spies are hiding in the night of Moorcrest. As the prince now seems gone, it might be their chance to put an Archbishop in his place.

The Others
The city is full of other characters as well, some of them will show up to aid you, others will try to destroy you. You shouldn't trust anyone!

Might be added later.

Might be added later.

Most of the info on this page, is mere background story and doesn't have that much with the game itself to do. I however hate to leave it with faceless titles as "An Elder helps you", when I can take it one step further and give names and sometimes even stories behind them, adding flesh to their bones. You may use this info as you see fit, or just ignore it if you don't think it will add anything to your game experience. The choice is yours!

Behind the scenes:
What's really go on...
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