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Notible changes from the original rules:

In Talisman you keep the corpses of the slain enemies as trophies, and when their Strenght reaches 7, you may turn them in for a extra point of Strenght. I deceided to change this so now it doesn't matter what kind of enemy you killed (Physical or Mental), you simply get their Combat-value as Experience points, and when you reach 10 points, you may exchange them to any kind of Attribut point (Yes, Blood as well as Physical or Mental if you really want to).

Max Attributes
As far as I remember it, there was never a roof on how high you could raise your attributes in the original game. To make the game more challanging (and perhaps less time consuming) I added a limit of 10 points of each attribute, which after that only can be raised by items and retainers. This makes the Tower of Power harder even if you are maxed out.
If this change is good or bad, I'll guess some more sessions of the game will show. Andif you don't like it, feel free to ignore the rule and let your characters grow into demi-gods.


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