The project started started around X-mas 2006, with me feelng abit bored at my parents-in-laws house. I was spending some time surfing around the internet and suddenly stumbled upon a webpage about one of my old favorite-games, Talisman. I started to think about trying to get hold of an old and used copy of the game, but found that most of them costed a small fortune and as I was back in school for the moment I felt that I couldn't afford it. I started to read more about the game on the pages I found, and I saw that many people had made their own expansions to the game and as an old roleplaying geek with my fangs set into White Wolf's World of Darkness, I almost burst with all the ideas about how to make a Vampire: the Masquerade version.

I started with studying all the original cards, characters and board, and then moved on to the homemade expansions. I made an roughly sketch on how I wanted the game to look like, and started to making templates. The progress was very slow as I wanted to do it correctly the first time, so that I wouldn't need to start over and remake everything I already done. But as so often when I get an idea, I burn for the project for a couple of day or weeks, and then the reality catch me. Lack of time and fading interest made me save everything on to discs, and put the project on dusty shelves for rather long time. I did however put some reminders on my computer, and as I find them, the interest for the project flared up again for a week or so. By the end of the summer 2009 I once again found my reminders (I have bought a new computer since then, but the reminders was moved with all my other stuff to the new one as well) and now the urge to complete this is getting stronger. I have started to publish some of my works to my friends, and their great responses fueled me even more.


The Story of the Game:
This is the city of Moorcrest Hollow. It is an old Camarilla-ruled city with Judah von Rothgrindt of clan Tremere as its prince. The prince however seems to have disappered and the city need someone to step up and control its throne. Are you the future ruler of the city?



Why Vampire: the Masquerade?
I have played that roleplaying game since 1996, and still do. The wide varity of characters, powers and stories makes it an excellent gameworld to work with. Having a weak spot for the second edition (which I started playing with) I wanted to use that rather then use the more modern versions of Vampire.

What version of Talisman are you using?
I actually only played the second edition of Talisman, so I didn't have much choice there as I don't want to buy another copy of the game now, and I only know as much about them as I've read on other peoples homepages.

Your spelling and grammar sucks, why don't you fix this before publishing ?
English ain't my first language, so I'm simply doing the best I can. And as I rather spend my time trying to finish the game then correcting my spelling, I guess that you have to send me the corrections yourself, or accept the fact that the errors are there.

There is no such place as your city Moorcrest Hollow, why do you use that setting for the game?
I wanted a fictional city, so that I could make it look like I wanted rather then trying to adapt the settings to fit in an actual town. The choice of name is a more complicated story, but let us make it short by saying that I got it from an old adventure from the roleplaying game "Chill", and the Tim Burton movie "Sleepy Hollow". That ain't the whole story but close enough. If you don't like the setting, you can ignore or change it if you like. It has none or very little function for the game itself.

I love this idea! What can I do to help?
You are all more then welcome to help out. I will post the templates for the cards and charactersheets as soon as possible. If you just want to send me suggestions, you can send them by mail to, or look me up on Facebook.


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