The main idea, was to have 13 characters to begin with, one from each of the clans. But I got to many ideas and had even more suggestions sent to me so I guess that there will be alot of them.
I'm also working on some character creation rules, making it possible to make your very own character from scratch. But I need to finish the main stuff first. Otherwise I'll never be able to finish this. Most of the characters made so far is tributes to roleplaying or larp characters from all the years I've been playing Vampire: the Masquerade.

The characters:


The orginal stats on the "charactersheets" felt too much like the fantasygame they came from, so I wanted to change them into something more common terms used in a modern vampire-game.

Strenght was replace by PHYSICAL
Wisdom/Craft was replaced by MENTAL
Life was replaced by BLOOD
and Gold was replaced by (Dollar) BILLS


All unique characters made are added here. If you want to use them, just open the link to the character sheet and print it. I usually shrink four of them to fit on a regular A4 before printing, but you do as your like.