The Ankh of Hollow gameboard is build upon the Talisman second edition board. I actually used a scanned copy of the original and drew the new board on top of it. It has three regions, the Suburbs as the outer region, Downtown as the middle region and the Tower of Power as the inner region.

The Suburbs
, Parks, Slums, Squares and Streets are regular areas, where you draw one or more storycards when you end up on them. If there already lies a card there, you have to deal with that instead of drawing a new one. The Subway Station may also be treated like one of those areas, but can also be used to gain access to Downtown region if you are able to fight your way through the guardian. The Monastary Elysium do not accept Sabbat, but the Sabbat gets their revenge if anyone from the Camarilla is stupid enough to step into the Sabbat-controlled graveyard. The Pub, Chinatown and Old Town has several of options for them who visits. The Sewers and the Zoo might be leathal for unlucky visitors but might be rewarding for those brave enough to wander there at night.


The downtown area is a bit harder then the suburbs. Some nasty blooddraining areas as the anarchquarters, and the local police makes many of the downtown area encounters even worse.
This is symbolised by some extra toughness to the enounters you meet in some of the downtown streets.


Tower of Power
This was the powerbase of the former prince Judah von Rothgrindt. An old skyscraper in the middle of Moorcrest Hollow, filled with both modern technology and ancient mysteries. Prince von Rothgrindt made this place not only to have a place for his throne, but also endless of mazelike corridors to hide unknown terrors and the corpses of his enemies. First you enter the lobby, a small outpost where you can gather your thoughts one last time before climbing the dangerous path to power of the city. You may choose between two paths, but none of them will be easy.




Tower of Power: